Russia will present a drone using a fuel cell

A Russian company will present at the Army-2019 exhibition near Moscow, a lightweight drone carrying a fuel cell as an energy source, significantly increasing the range of action, autonomy and capacity of the drone with respect to of a conventional battery, and requiring only water to potentiate the battery.

According to the C4ISRNET website, the Russian company International Aeronavigation Systems will present its Gjis drone, a lightweight drone carrying a fuel cell as an energy source, giving it a ceiling of almost 10.000 feet, a speed of 50 km/h and a radius of action of 5 km for 3 hours of autonomy, or 6 to 9 times more than a conventional battery. In addition, to recharge the battery, all you need to do is add water, obviously simplifying the logistics chain necessary for its use.

This technology does not only have advantages, recharging can give rise to the emission of toxic gases or even a strong release of heat, which can make the battery unstable. The fact remains that while Russian forces are increasingly using drones for combat missions, technology that significantly increases the performance of this equipment would represent an interesting, if not decisive, advantage.

Sun-Tzu would not have said that “Do not neglect to chase after a small advantage when you can obtain it surely and without any loss on your part. Many of these small advantages that we could acquire and which we neglect often cause great losses and irreparable damage. »

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