Wednesday, November 29, 2023

EU says no to US demands on PESCO

In recent weeks, the tone has been rising between the American authorities and the European Union. In question, the restrictions placed by the Europeans on the financing granted by the PESCO[efn_note]Permanent Structured Cooperation[/efn_note] program, the FED[efn_note]European Defense Fund[/efn_note] program and the PEDID[efn_note]Program European Defense Industrial Development[/efn_note], which require that companies that claim to be effectively owned by European interests. In fact, large American companies, but also British companies after Brexit, are excluded.

And this is not to the taste of the US authorities who, through its ambassador to the European Union, Gordan Sodland, and in line with Donald Trump's negotiating methods, have given until June 10 to the EU to "rethink its copy", otherwise the United States would put in place "protectionist" measures to prevent European companies from accessing the US market. The threat, apart from its very undiplomatic aspect, also rings a little hollow, to the extent that, as Laurent Lagneau points out in his article , the reciprocal has already been in place in the United States... since 1933!

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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