The entry into service of the Kazan SSN / SSGN of the Russian Navy postponed for 2 years

The entry into service of the nuclear-launched missile submarine Kazan, of the project 885 Iassen class, was to be the high point of the year 2019 for the Russian Navy. Unfortunately for her, the Navy staff has just announced that this admission to service will only take place in 2021, with many onboard systems not meeting the Navy's expectations, according to the press release from the TASS agency.

The K-561 Kazan is the second unit of the 885 Iassen [efn_note]ash in Russian[/efn_note] project, which is to have 6 units. It was launched on March 31, 2017, almost 8 years after construction work began, and 5 years after the entry into service of the K-560 Severodvinsk, the first unit of the class, whose construction, started in 1993, will have taken 20 years.

The building weighs 9.700 tonnes on the surface, 13.000 tonnes submerged, for a length of 119 m. It carries 8 silos for 3K-10 Granat cruise missiles, as well as 24 P800 Onyx supersonic anti-ship missiles or 32 Kalibr cruise missiles, and 24 Chkval heavy torpedoes[efn_note]Rafale in Russian[efn_note] implemented by a crew of 90 officers, petty officers and sailors. It will be able to use the Status-6 Poseidon nuclear drone torpedo, whose entry into service will probably be postponed following this announcement.

The Iassen submarines must ultimately replace the SSN[efn_note]Nuclear Attack Submarine[/efn_note] of project 671, identified by NATO as Victor III, 4 units of which remain in service in the Russian Navy .

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