Russian airborne self-propelled gun LOTOS soon in service

Much less known and publicized than the air or combat tank units, the Russian forces nevertheless field a very large, well-trained and well-equipped airborne force. With 72.000 men divided into 4 divisions and 6 brigades, Russian parachute units also have a large fleet of armored vehicles, light tanks and BMD 2/3/4 infantry fighting vehicles, anti-aircraft defense systems, of engineers, and its own artillery units.

Currently mainly equipped with the 2S9(M) Nona self-propelled mortar, the airborne forces will soon receive the new 2S49 Lotos air-transportable self-propelled gun, giving them a notable boost in power. Indeed, the Lotos is equipped with a 120 mm self-loading cannon reaching a range of 18 km and a rate of fire of 6 to 8 rounds per minute, well exceeding the 12 km with the Nona's special projectiles. Mounted on a BMD-4 chassis, which has now become the standard for Russian airborne troops, the Lotos also has more efficient armor, a Soft-kill protection system, and a communications and fire management system. modern battlefields, connected among other things with the new Zavet-D reconnaissance vehicle.

The Lotos will soon begin its manufacturer tests, and should begin just after the State tests, for series production and entry into service which would begin in 2020.

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