Russia responds to NATO threats by starting production of the Novator

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it could begin production of the 9M728 Novator short-range cruise missile system, also identified as Iskander-K, following the signing of the order by Vladimir Putin during a ceremony held this Thursday at Patriots Park in Moscow. The Novator 9M728 and 9M729 systems are based on a cruise missile, whose range exceeds, according to American and British intelligence services, the maximum range of 500 km required by the INF treaty. It is this system which led to the renewal of tensions between Washington and Moscow around this treaty, the latter ensuring that the maximum range of the missile was indeed 480 km, like the other Iskander systems with a ballistic trajectory.

This signature, also coming from President Putin himself, is therefore the response given by Russia to the recent threats made by the Secretary General of NATO, J. Stoltenberg, regarding the ultimatum of 6 posed by the States -United to keep the INF Treaty in place. Russia has, moreover, warned that the deployment in Europe of American intermediate-range missiles would lead to a firm response on its part, a scenario which is reminiscent of the Euromissile crisis in 1983, which was precisely at the origin of the INF treaty.

During the same signing ceremony, the Russian armies ordered a new autonomous armored mine deposition system from the Tecmash company, as well as the 48N6-P01 surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile, making it possible to extinguish the range of the system S400 at 380 km.

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