The Indian Navy launches a competition for 6 light fast missile frigates

The Indian Ministry of Defense has launched a new competition aimed at equipping and modernizing the Indian Navy. This program, the designation of which has not been published, aims to acquire 6 missile-launching surface ships, within a total budget of 13.000 Crore, or €1,65 billion. The ships will have to use the Brahmos cruise missile, and have 8 anti-ship missiles, an anti-aircraft self-defense system, and a main gun. There is no mention of anti-submarine capabilities or a helicopter.

In addition, the 6 light frigates, because to implement armaments, it must be a light frigate, must be stealthy across the entire spectrum (EM, IR, Sonar), reach a speed of 35 knots and have an autonomy at sea of ​​10 days.

Advanced specifications seem tailored for light frigates of the class Gremyashchiy of the Russian project 20385, knowing that the Indian Navy traditionally has a strong appetite for Russian buildings, and that the Russian naval industry is very accustomed to collaboration with Indian shipyards. However, these specifications could also see a conjunction of needs with the light frigates project of the Joint Venture of Fincantieri and Naval Group. With neither group currently having buildings that meet this specific need, collaboration to meet Indian demand would certainly make a lot of sense.

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