The cyber security of Western satellites could be compromised

According to a report from the highly regarded British Think Tank Chatham House, satellites used for defense purposes by Western nations should all be considered potentially compromised, in the planning of weapon systems and technologies employing these systems. A complementary report also points out the vulnerabilities of Western missile systems, whether strategic, anti-aircraft defense or tactical.

In these reports, the Think Tank draws up an uncompromising assessment of the weaknesses in terms of cyber warfare which characterize the use of satellite communication and location systems which, very often, have mixed civil and military purposes, whereas today, the majority of tactical munitions employed by NATO members rely on the availability of these systems. Recent examples of Spoofing on GPS signal by Russian forces, particularly difficult to detect, actually go in this direction. But the report goes further, estimating that the majority of satellites used do not have sufficient resilience to cope with the capabilities of modern and well-equipped opposing services, such as the Chinese or the Russians.


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