The United Kingdom is also developing its directed energy weapons programs

If Great Britain makes decisions that can be judged to be questionable in certain areas of its defense industry, it demonstrates, on the other hand, admirable dynamism in others, such as in the naval field with the Type 26 programs. , Type 31 and Dreadnougth, aeronautics with the Tempest, and missiles of all types. Obviously, London also aims to develop a high level of competence with regard to directed energy weapons, such as Lasers.

Indeed, the British Ministry of Defense has announced that it wants to allocate a budget of £130 million (€150m), for the development of 3 directed energy weapons demonstrators, with the aim of having functional prototypes in 2023. These 3 programs are based on a heavy laser defense system, embarked on Royal Navy ships , a light system that can be implemented from an aircraft identified as the SHIELD program, the objective of which will be to eliminate drones and ensure close protection of units of the British forces, and a system based on radio waves (or microwaves rather?), aimed at eliminating opposing electronic and computer systems. In the official declaration, London specifies that these weapon systems must be able to be deployed in operational missions within 10 years.

These programs will follow from the DragonFire program, launched in 2017, the aim of which was to study and remove doubts about the use of these weapon systems in the future, in the state of current and future technology, for the protection of Royal Navy ships.

France is far from being at the forefront in the field of directed weapons. Study programs have been funded, and MBDA has built a center dedicated to experiments on directed energy weapons near Bordeaux this year, but no major program has, for the moment, been announced, with the objective of designing operational equipment on a given date. Note that the same applies to Rail Gun technology, also far from the current concerns of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the General Staff, and yet, like directed energy weapons, just as important for the sustainability of the strategic autonomy in the years to come.

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