Delivery of S400 to Turkey: The White House remains speechless

For more than a year, the American authorities have continued to threaten Ankara with reprisals of all kinds if Turkey were to actually acquire the S400 anti-aircraft defense system from Russia. Today, while the first deliveries were announced 3 days ago, and that 7 An124 planes carrying Russian systems have already landed on Ottoman air bases, the American presidency has still not made the slightest statement on this subject.

The embarrassment seems so great that the weekly press conference which was to be held on July 12 was canceled without notice by the White House, as soon as information on the actual delivery of the first systems was announced. The only official statement that US defense journalists were able to obtain is that of the leadership of the Senate Defense and Security Committee, made up of a Republican senator and a Democratic senator, who calls for “consequences for Turkey”, without going into further details.

In fact, like theannulment of the last minute of American strikes on Iran ordered by President Trump, it is possible that the latter is touching the limits of his method of managing international relations, when the adversary is no longer ready to give in in the face of iterative presidential threats and It seems that now neither Ankara, Beijing or Moscow, and more recently Tehran, Pyongyang and even Brussels, are any longer impressed by the American president's speech.

Regardless, Donald Trump is now in a very delicate situation, presenting, for him, no favorable conclusion. Either it decides to effectively apply the economic and operational sanctions promised against Turkey, with a very high risk of seeing the latter withdraw from NATO to join the Sino-Russian alliance and suddenly weaken the entire defensive posture of the alliance in Southern Europe, the Middle East and the Black Sea; either he decides to “turn his back”, and will see his credibility on the international scene, like that of the United States, very largely compromised, with the risk of seeing the Democrats seize the subject against him in the 2021 presidential election There remains the “intermediate” solution, namely limited sanctions against Ankara, such as exclusion from the F35 program. But this would only postpone the problem for a few months, since the Turkish authorities will probably quickly turn to Moscow or Beijing to acquire modern combat aircraft, Su57 or FC31, with a very unfavorable tempo for the upcoming American presidential elections.

It is probably this lack of a satisfactory solution which generates the deafening silence which reigns in Washington. However, sooner or later, President Trump will have to speak out on the subject, and designate a course of action in this matter, and assume the consequences...

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