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Russian new generation armored vehicles enter service in 2020

At the end of the Afghan War, the first Gulf War, and the Chechen War, Russian armor had lost much of its prestige on the international military scene. Aware of the limits of existing models, the country's authorities began, from the 2010s, the design of a new generation of armored vehicles intended to regain the ascendancy over Western production, as did the Russian armored vehicles of the post-war period. and during the first half of the Cold War. What are these new pieces of equipment, and what can we say about them based on our current knowledge?

The T-14 Armata battle tank

Heir to the work around the T-95 of the 1990s, the T-14 Armata battle tank program, like those of the Armata combat vehicle platform, was officially launched in 2013, and the first prototypes of the battle tank T-14 and the T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle were presented to the public during the military parade on May 9, 2015. In many ways, the T-14 is a concentrate of feedback from Russian forces . Highly automated, it only requires a crew of 3 people taking place in a control and survival capsule isolated from the rest of the tank, in particular from fuel and ammunition, greatly increasing the chances of survival in the event of destruction of the armored vehicle. The turret is entirely robotic and independent, and equipped with a 125 mm cannon with increased performance and capable, according to the industrialist Uralvagonzavod, of piercing all existing Western armored vehicles up to 3000 m with its arrow shells.

Close-up APS Afghanit Artillery | MBT battle tanks | Construction of armored vehicles
Close-up on the active protection systems of the Afghanit system of the T-14 Armata

LOGO meta defense 70 Artillery | MBT battle tanks | Construction of armored vehicles

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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