France close to a financing solution for the 2 Greek Belh@rra frigates

According to the Greek online news site HellasJournal, the French authorities have identified 2 financial partners to support Greece in financing linked to the order of the 2 Belh@rra frigates proposed by Paris for the Hellenic Navy. This would therefore be a crucial step forward in this issue which has remained at a standstill for several years, despite the crying need for new offshore units of the Greek navy, blocked by Athens' budgetary difficulties and a certain European intransigence in the face of proven and critical defense needs.

This new perspective is, according to the daily, linked to the very significant involvement of the French authorities, and of President Macron, to bring to fruition the partnership proposed in Athens, which covers, beyond the acquisition of the 2 frigates, a component industrial, and an operational component, with the integration of Greek forces into the European rapid reaction force. Discussions between the French president and his newly elected Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, also focus on the modernization and maintenance of the Greek Air Force's Mirage 2000-5 fleet, a subject that had been completely ignored by the previous Minister of Defense. Defense of the country.

Mirage2000 5 of the Hellenic Air Force Defense News | Armed Forces Budgets and Defense Efforts | Military naval construction
The Greek Air Force has acquired 55 Mirage 2000s which need to be modernized and maintained after years of lean cows

The competition to replace the Hellenic surface forces is fierce between France and the United States, determined not to let Athens get closer to Paris again. So, after trying to place Australian Adelaide frigates equipped with new American missiles, Washington is now trying to convince the Greek authorities to purchase Littoral Combat Ship, despite the flagrant inadequacy of these ships with the needs of the Hellenic Navy in the Aegean Sea. There would also be a question of offering the future FFG/X which does not yet exist, or even selling Arleigh Burke destroyers, and even second-hand Ticonderoga cruisers. So many hypotheses put on the table by Washington which show the extreme determination of the American administration to keep Athens within its exclusive perimeter.

In any case, if France actually manages to propose a sustainable financing offer through Greek public finances, within a reasonable time frame, and within the global partnership approach currently supported by Paris, we can reasonably hope for a favorable decision in This folder.

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