Russia offers private contract with India for the construction of 6 attack submarines

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The Russian authorities have proposed to India to jointly build 6 attack submarines for the Indian Navy in a contract de little by little, not going through the P75i competition launched a few months ago by New Delhi.

According to Moscow, this proposal will allow India to save a lot of time and money on the P75i program, and is part of the extensive cooperation between the two countries on Defense issues.

Russia is offering the Amour 1650 submarine to India as part of the P75i program, a submersible weighing 1650 tonnes in surface area and 67 meters long, derived from the 636 Kilo class, and capable of carrying, in addition to torpedoes, Kalibr or Brahmos cruise missiles.

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This proposal follows that made in July, in which theRussia proposed to New Delhi the design of a new class of submarines of attack for this same need. In April 2018, it also offered the Amur 1650 class to India in an approach of the same type, which remained without follow-up.

This new Russian attempt is not really surprising. Indeed, the P75i competition, which follows the P75 program aimed at building 6 conventionally powered attack submarines and won by DCNS with the Scorpene, aims to build six new modern attack submarines with anaerobic propulsion or AIP, for Air Independent Propulsion.

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