Indian S400s will be delivered before spring 2021

In October 2018, the Indian authorities formalized the order for 5 regiments of S400 anti-aircraft systems acquired from Russia for nearly $5,5 billion. In doing so, New Delhi entered the scope of the CAATSA Act, allowing the US executive to implement personal and global economic sanctions against Russian defense industry customers and any country deemed hostile to US interests. UNITED STATES.

However, Washington did not undertake no action against New Delhi, which remains an excellent customer of the US Defense industry (P8 maritime patrol aircraft, AH64 Apache helicopters..) and that the American aeronautical industries are involved in the two major competitions underway in India, namely the replacement of the Mig21 and Mig27 for which Lockheed offers the F16V Viper renamed F21 for the occasion, and the acquisition of 57 on-board fighters on which Boeing positioned itself against the Rafale French with the F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet. But the sanctions taken against Moscow, in this case the exclusion of the SWIFT international interbank system under American control, have hindered since the signing of the contract between New Delhi and Moscow, the payment of the deposit as well as the deadlines to follow.

P8 of the Indian Navy Defense News | Defense Contracts and Calls for Tenders | Anti-aircraft defense
P8 Poseidon of the Indian Navy

The authorities of the two countries then decided to set up an autonomous payment system between the two countries, not going through the US system nor using the American currency, and could, therefore, no longer be hampered by American sanctions. This system is now operational, since according to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, the payment of the deposit for the order of the S400 systems has been made. In fact, the Indian armed forces will receive, according to him, the S400 systems to equip their 5 anti-aircraft defense regiments by April 2021.

This order for S400 systems is at the heart of the warming of relations between New Delhi and Moscow, and opened the door to several major contracts, such as the manufacture of 150.000 AK203 assault rifles, the construction of 4 frigates, negotiations concerning Additional Mig21 and Su30, among others. For Indian Prime Minister N. Modi, it is also a question of maintaining a neutral position in the opposition that is emerging between Washington, Beijing and Moscow, and of remaining faithful to the principle of non-alignment dear to Neru. Finally, it is a question of not alienating the Chinese authorities, Pakistan's allies, by choosing a Western alignment, while preserving Moscow's ability to exert pressure on its Asian ally. On the other hand, it is a certain snub for US diplomacy, which has invested considerable energy to try to bring India into the Western camps.

Talwar frigate Defense News | Defense Contracts and Calls for Tenders | Anti-aircraft defense
Indian Navy has ordered 4 Grigorovich-class frigates to expand its Talwar-class

With these S400 regiments, New Delhi is perfecting the modernization of its multi-layer anti-air and anti-missile defense, like Russia, also composed of Barak medium-range system co-developed with Israel, and the Shorad Biho 2 system acquired from South Korea.

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