The T90M battle tank enters service in Russia

If all eyes are on the upcoming delivery of the first T14 Armata to the Russian forces, armored vehicles which will be primarily intended for training and doctrine definition centers, thedelivery of the first batch of T90M by the company Uralvagonzavod participates just as much, if not more, in the modernization and strengthening of Russian operational capabilities.

The T90M represents, in fact, a form of transitional tank between the T72B3M and T80BVM which will form the main body of the Russian armored weapon, and the T14 accompanied by the T90, forming the breakout and cutting-edge force. Thus, in its modernized version, the T90 is equipped with many attributes of the T14 Armata, including its Relikt ERA reactive armor and the Afghanit active protection system, ensuring a significant increase in protection for this tank already known for its robustness, whether either in Syria, in Donbas and in Chechnya. It also receives, like the T14, the new 125 mm 2А82-1М cannon and the Kalina fire control system, as well as a new communication and mission control system derived from that of its successor, allowing it to interact effectively with it. Finally, the new 1130 hp engine allows the T90M to maintain a power-to-weight ratio of 22 hp per ton, giving it excellent mobility.

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The T90M benefits from numerous technologies developed around the Armata program, including the Kalina fire control system, the aiming system and the tactical data system.

The T90M perfectly represents the efficiency demonstrated by the Russian military authorities to optimize their technological developments without harming the volume of forces, considered in Russia as an essential factor in ensuring victory. Like the Su30, Su34 and Su35 which benefit from the technologies developed around the Su-57 program, the T90M benefits from numerous trappings transforming it into an intermediate generation tank, and bringing it as close as possible to the level of the most advanced Western tanks, such as the Leclerc MLU or the Leopard 2A7.

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