Radio CONTACT: France enters the era of collaborative air-land combat

Last week the army announced the endowment of the new radio CONTACT, developed by Thales, replacing the PR4G. If the Army is the first to perceive this new capacity, the Air Force and the Navy will follow soon. And for good reason, Radio Contact is one of the basic building blocks of future joint and combined collaborative combat doctrines.

Deployed at the tactical level, the CONTACT radio is no less part of a strategic perspective for our armies, because the real major innovation of the SCORPION program does not lie so much in the renewal of equipment in the French army as in the revolution of its doctrines of “collaborative combat” and “infovalorized”. The idea here is to circulate information in real or near real time between the different actors in a theater of operations, whatever their respective dimensions. Consequently, they allow a decisive operational and tactical agility during air-land combat. The SCORPION program is a crucial step which crowns 25 years of French conceptual and doctrinal reflection on "network-centered" warfare, because the collaborative fight comes directly from the massive emergence of NICTs thanks to the Revolution in Military Affairs. (RAM) appeared in the late 1980s.

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Communication between the Observation and Orientation elements and the Decision-making layer is at the heart of the OODA Loop

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