Sweden re-activates naval bunkers against Russian threat

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The strengthening of Russian military capabilities is taken very seriously by the Swedish authorities, as is the case, moreover, for the majority of the Scandinavian countries or bordering the Baltic Sea. Although a member of the European Union, Sweden, like Finland, is a country which defines itself as neutral, and which, in fact, does not belong to NATO. But, like Helsinki, Stockholm is aware of the country's strategic position for control of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and that the country therefore represents a prime target for Russian forces should a conflict arise with it. NATO.

This is the reason why, for 2 years, the Swedish authorities have decided to reactivate the strategies and infrastructures which were at work during the cold war. It started with the return of conscription, followed by that civil proceedings of Global Defense, and the return of a military contingent to the island of Gotland, in the Baltic Sea. Today, the Royal Swedish Navy re-activates another symbol of the Cold War, the naval naval base of Musko, not far from Stockholm. This very secure base makes it possible to shelter, in the heart of the granite cliffs, warships, submarines and personnel in a bunker designed to resist nuclear attacks. The complex has a hospital and large reserves within it, so that it can support the Swedish naval forces even in a very high intensity conflict.

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Mösku Naval Base has maintenance infrastructure for Swedish Navy corvettes and submarines
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