Beijing muscle his speech about Taiwan

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On the occasion of the inauguration of the Beijing Xiangshan Forum, the Minister of Defense of the People's Republic of China, Wei Fenghe, gave a strong speech about the country's will to regain its unity, and to bring back Taiwan within "the mother country", as he had already done at the Shangri-la meetings in the month of June . According to him, and as was established in the new Chinese White Paper, all the external initiatives aimed at supporting the "secessionists" only worsen the situation, and removes the chances of a peaceful solution from an inevitable historical trajectory. "We cannot lose an inch of the territory bequeathed by our ancestors," he said, insisting once again on the fact that Taiwan was an internal affair for the People's China, and that it will not tolerate outside interference.

This speech is nothing new; it has been repeated over and over for ten years by Beijing, and especially since the coming to power of Xi Jinping, who has made Taiwan's return to the national fold one of the strong markers of its political action. However, and despite increasingly strong announcements from the Chinese authorities, the situation has hardly changed for Beijing on this subject, on the contrary!

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