Is Germany sacrificing the Europe of La Défense on the altar of interoperability with US forces?

The American and German Chiefs of Staff have just signed an agreement aimed at developing a very high degree of interoperability between the two armies by 2027, last week during the annual conference of European armies held at the headquarters of US forces in Europe, in Wiesbaden, Germany. The objective stated by American General James McConville and his German counterpart, Lt. General Jörg Vollmer, is to achieve perfect interoperability of forces by this date, allowing a German regiment to be integrated into a brigade or division. US, or a division to be integrated into an army corps, with, in focus, a status comparable to the “Five eyes”, the 4 close allies of the United States which are the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and which benefit from full integration with American forces.

The signing of this agreement, aimed at such objectives, raises real questions regarding the sincerity of the German commitment to a truly autonomous Defense Europe. We see for example, in the competition for the replacement of Canadian F18CFs, that membership in the Five Eyes (and in NORAD) is a strong argument used by Washington to impose on its neighbor the acquisition of American aircraft. The same goes for American and NATO pressure on Berlin to choose the Super Hornet to replace the German Tornado, or concerning the repeated threats from the United States to the European Union regarding PESCO. Above all, the United States has become expert at generating operational dependencies that appear to be secondary, and which in reality turn out to be so major that they condition any independence of action at the level of a State.

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The commitment signed last week by Germany seems very far from the objectives set by A. Merkel and E. Macron in terms of strategic autonomy and Europe of Defense

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