Russian forces receive upgraded versions of their armored vehicles

Since the end of the 2000s, the Russian defense industry has set out to design a new generation of armored fighting vehicle, represented by the Armata family or Kurganet-25 or Bumerang infantry fighting and personnel carriers. Aware of its limited resources, but determined to regain the advantage over NATO forces, considered enemies in Russian defense doctrine, the military authorities have chosen to preserve the numerical advantage resulting from the immense park armored vehicles inherited from the Soviet era, rather than resizing their forces in proportion to new technologies, much more expensive, as the Europeans did. In fact, Moscow has started to modernize a large number of its armored vehicles in order to extend their lifespan and operational efficiency beyond 2030, allowing new generations of armor to enter service gradually.

Traditionally, Russian forces have used a very large number of different vehicles, themselves available in several variants, making it difficult to understand the overall military power of the country. However, certain large families of armoured vehicles represent today the main part of the Russian armoured battle corps.

T72-B3M battle tank

Designed in the late 60s, the T72 is today the main battle tank of the Russian forces, with more than 2300 units in service. The modernized version, the T72B3M, started delivery in 2017, taking over from the B3 version which has delivered more than 1600 units so far. The B3M is a 45 ton tank fitted with a self-loading 125mm 2A46M5 gun.

The T72B3M is today the main modern battle tank used by the Russian forces Artillery | MBT battle tanks | Light tanks and armored reconnaissance
The T72B3M is at the heart of the modernization strategy of the Russian forces

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