NATO under tension at London meetings

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The least we can say is that the atmosphere is heavy during the NATO meetings being held in London today. Several events indeed seem to create more than significant tensions between the allies, ranging from Turkish intervention in northern Syria Asked statements by the French president on a NATO which is failing to take charge of major issues from the moment. Obviously, in view of the discussions and declarations which follow one another, it is preferable today to act unilaterally and aggressive against its own allies, orbuy equipment from Russia, than to make an objective judgment on the dysfunctions of the Alliance…

On the sidelines of the meeting, American President Donald Trump made very harsh and insulting remarks towards the French president, and as usual, towards France in general. Even though today it confronts Europeans with a fait accompli concerning exit from the INF treaty et the Open Sky treaty, and that he never stopped criticize the Atlantic Alliance and its cost for the United States, now he is becoming the apostle of multi-lateralism and NATO by taking offense at the "disrespectful" remarks of the French president, going so far as to declare that of all the European countries, France is the one which had the most need of this alliance. For what ? Mystery… France being, in NATO, the only country to have an entirely national two-component nuclear deterrent, and a global defense industry. It is also the only country that does not have any American troops on its soil.

Emmanuel Macron France will remain militarily engaged in the Levant in 2019 Defense News | Military alliances | UNITED STATES
Whether or not it remains in NATO, France will have to strengthen its defense to be able to influence the destiny and peace in Europe, as President Macron wishes.

As for the reasons for the French president's lucid observation, such as the American withdrawal from northern Syria abandoning the Kurdish allies to their fate, followed by the attack carried out by Turkey in this region, there is no echo. Turkey which, moreover, is offended to see European companies “distance themselves” from their country following this intervention, and which reminds us that if it were to be attacked, it fully intended to receive the help of all its allies.

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The pantomime being played out today in London only proves President Macron right in his perception of the trajectory followed today by the Atlantic Alliance vis-à-vis excessive American power eliminating any notion of multilateralism. The ad-hominem attacks launched by President Trump also show the limits of the trans-Atlantic discussion, and the promptness and vehemence with which Washington wants to bring one head that sticks out too much into line. One thing is certain, if he wanted to create momentum in France to leave NATO, and at the same time, begin more advanced cooperation with Moscow with a view to creating a European power independent of Washington and Beijing, he could not have done it better. If Europeans persist in wanting to delegate their defense to Washington, it may indeed be necessary for Paris to return to a Gaullian tradition, with the ability to “choose your wars, and win them”.

Note that at the same time, the leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, speaking as part of the ongoing campaign for the upcoming elections, declared that he was in agreement with the comments made by the French president on the subject of NATO. .

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