Modernization of Russian Ka52M attack helicopters takes shape

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In May 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry announced its intention to order 30 new Ka52 combat helicopters for delivery by 2022, and to upgrade 114 from existing Ka52 standard M, based on feedback from the forces deployed in Syria. But since then, nothing seemed to really materialize this announcement. But things would be about to change, since according to the Russian Helicopters company, the Ministry of Defense should sign, in 2020, a global contract to modernize comparable Ka52M to the one that was signed for the modernization of the Mi28MN this year, and which unlocked negotiations between the industrialist Mil and the Russian authorities.

It is probable that the Ministry of the Armed Forces, as it had done concerning the Mi28MN, intends to benefit from an extremely competitive price concerning this mass modernization, and that this latency period was in part intended to bring the industrialist to fairer budgetary demands, especially since this contract is accompanied by a order of 30 new appliances to strengthen the Russian air force.

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Before the Ka52, it was the Mi28 which had been the subject of a global modernization contract from the Russian Defense Ministry.

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