Are the European Air Forces downgraded?

In 1980, the air forces of European NATO countries were among the most powerful in the world. Britain, France, Germany and Italy were among the 10 countries with the most combat aircraft, and together the Europeans aligned 40% of the air force in the Atlantic Alliance. The annual report published by the international magazine FlightGlobal for 2020 presents a very different situation.

European withdrawal becomes critical

Thus, if France manages to rank 8th in the overall ranking including combat, transport, training aircraft and helicopters, with 1129 aircraft, it is the only representative of European nations in this ranking, whatever the meaning given to this term (NATO, European Union, continental excluding Russia). When it comes to comparing combat aircraft fleets, fighters and bombers included, no European country appears in the Top 10. With 249 combat aircraft in the fleet, of which 143 Rafale and 106 Mirage 2000, France maintains the lead among European countries. But it has fewer aircraft than the US Marine Corps alone, the American body made up of 182.000 soldiers, which fields 297 including 52 F35Bs, and which also has 48 F18s and 29 F35Bs for crew training. .

purchasing 36 rafale by India in 2016 had turned into a political scandal opponents of President Narendra Modi were already denouncing the role played by a close friend of the Indian Prime Minister Training and attack aviation | Fighter aircraft | Maritime Patrol Aviation
Avec 143 Rafale and 106 Mirage 2000, France fields the largest number of combat aircraft in Europe

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