Algeria would be interested in Russian Su-57

According to the Russian site, the Algerian authorities are in negotiations with Moscow to the acquisition of 12 “5th generation” Su-57 Felon combat aircraft and 12 additional optional devices. Still according to the same site, other countries including China, India, Vietnam and Turkey have already indicated their interest in the device. The Chinese authorities, in particular, have reportedly indicated their interest in acquiring the new aircraft from Moscow.

However, you should be very careful about these announcements. This information is seriously lacking in references and there is nothing to prove its validity. Algeria was not yet expected to acquire Su-57s but Su-34 fighter-bombers, which would probably be more consistent with the actual threat weighing on the country today. In addition, the cost of such an operation, estimated between $1,8 and $2 billion by, would represent 16% of its annual budget devoted to La Défense, a very important investment for Algiers, in order to not have only 12 devices includingThe first pre-production copy crashed two days ago.

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If the Russian state will only pay €31 million per Su-57, the export versions will be offered at prices exceeding $90 to $100 million it seems.

Let us also recall that the Russian military authorities have repeatedly reminded that the request intended for export of the Su-57 will only be satisfied when domestic demand has been mete. However, while mass production will only begin in 2020, the Russian aeronautical industry will need to deliver 10 new aircraft each year to the national air forces to satisfy the order for 76 aircraft for 2028. And this while the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko estimates that production should be around 15 devices per year. In fact, the slightest export order for the Su-57 is likely to put the industrial capacities of the manufacturer Rostec at its production ceiling, even though the annual production rate of 15 aircraft currently corresponds to the long-term need. to replace the Su-27s still in service in Russia.

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