With the Enforcer, MBDA is also positioning itself on light anti-tank weapons

While Euromissile was able to establish itself in the 80s as the major player in the West regarding anti-tank missiles, with the Milan and Hot missiles, the European group MBDA which succeeded it has lost, over the last 20 years, significant market shares due to the lack of involvement of the 3 executive states: France, Germany and Great Britain.

This withdrawal was to the point that the German Tiger anti-tank helicopters were equipped with Israeli Spike missiles, and the French HAD versions with American Hellfire missiles, while the French armies preferred to order American Javelin missiles instead of the latest version of the Milan at the beginning of the years. 2010.

The return of the European missile maker took place in the early 2000s with the entry into service of the Brimstone air-to-ground missile, a light system reaching a range of 20 km to equip Typhoon and British Tornadoes.

In 2011, the group began the overall design of the MMP missile (Medium Range Missile), a new generation missile used by the infantry via a firing point (like the Milan), but also by armored vehicles like the EBRC Jaguar, and rotary wings.

The new missile entered service in 2017 in the French armies, and demonstrated performance significantly exceeding expectations, opening up various job opportunities such as from light naval craft.

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MBDA's MMP missile offers unprecedented performance for a missile in its class

It is now the turn ofGermany to commission the Enforcer system, a light firing and forgetting anti-tank missile designed by the European missile.


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