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What will Donald Trump do in the face of Iranian strikes on US bases in Iraq?

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On the night of January 8, around 2:00 a.m. local time, Iran carried out an attack on the anti-Daesh coalition base in Iraq at Al-Asad and the Idlib airport, targeting infrastructure near American troops using ballistic missiles . The number of missiles used varies between 15 and 20 depending on sources, but at least 10 of them hit the Al-Asad base, and one missile hit the tarmac of Idlib airport. It appears that at least 4 missiles were damaged following malfunctions. For the moment, no casualties, neither American nor allied, seem to be deplored.

Video broadcast by Iranian media showing the missile attack

This attack, not only claimed but widely commented on by the Iranian authorities and media with the help of videos showing the launch of the said missiles, is presented by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a proportionate and limited response to the American attack of January 3 having cost the life of General Souleimani , whom many considered in Iran to be the No. 3 of the Mullahs' regime. As such, the use of ballistic missiles, and not a stealth attack by cruise missiles and attack drones as was the case during the attack on Saudi oil installations this fall, is perfectly indicative of the highly symbolic dimension that these strikes carried.

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