Israel will have a new airborne laser anti-missile system from 2021!

Israel laser technology 1

The Israeli defense industry had until now communicated little about directed energy weapons, such as lasers. But it looks like she's about to style everyone in this field. Indeed, the country's Ministry of Defense announced that it was developing an airborne and terrestrial laser system, which would be capable, from mid-2021, of protecting the country's borders from missile and rocket fire from Gaza, from Lebanon or Syria, but also to protect aircraft and armored vehicles operating on its territory and in the vicinity of missile fire targeting them. The presentation video is accessible on this link .

The Israeli announcement is resounding to say the least. Indeed, to intercept cruise or ballistic missiles, the system developed must have very significant electrical power. In addition, according to the statements made, it would be capable of targeting both grazing and ballistic trajectory threats, which requires very advanced means of detection and aiming. The very short deadline announced for the entry into service of the system, only 1 and a half years until its entry into service, demonstrates the confidence of the Israeli authorities in the maturity of their technologies, and in their reliability, since the system will have to supplement existing systems like the Iron Dome which protects Israeli cities from attacks today. Note that according to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, a shot carried out by this new system would only cost 3.5 US Dollars, whereas a shot from the Iron Dome system, although deemed economical, reaches $49,000.

Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets from the Gaza Strip
The new system will be able to supplement and reinforce the Iron Dome defense system currently in service, at a cost more than 10,000 times lower per shot

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