Pentagon orders 50 C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft from Lockheed-Martin

The year has started well for Lockheed-Martin. While the production of F-35 is expected to exceed 130 aircraft this year, the US armed forces have just passed order for 50 C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft from the American aircraft manufacturer, for an amount of around $ 3 billion. The US Air Force thus places an order for 24 HC / MC-130Js, while the Marine Corps orders 20 at the KC-130J standard allowing in-flight refueling. The last 6 aircraft, in the form of options, are intended for the Coast Guard corps, in HC-130J versions. The entire order is due between 2021 and 2025, and the aircraft will be assembled in Georgia.

The career of this remarkable transport aircraft began following the Berlin blockade of 1951, during which the US Air Force had maintained an airlift for more than 10 months to maintain supplies to the 3 western sectors of Berlin then landlocked and isolated in East Germany under Soviet control. The US Air Force then asked Lockheed to design a transport device capable of transporting 64 paratroopers, using rough runways and staying in flight with an engine stopped. The first flight of the YC-130 prototype took place on August 23, 1954, and mass production of the C-130 will begin a year later, never to stop since. In fact, the C-130 is today the aircraft produced over the longest period of time in aviation history, although modern aircraft no longer have much in common with the early C130A. It is also one of the biggest commercial successes on the global level of the aeronautical market, since the device is in service, in 2020, in the armed forces of 70 countries, which continue to order it regularly, as demonstrated by the announcement of 'today.

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The U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps C130s were actively used during the Vietnam War

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