Naval Group's Scorpene selected for the final of the P75i Indian program

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The Indian Ministry of Defense has published the list of 5 international companies and 2 local shipyards which will participate in the final of the P75i program relating to the design and construction of 6 submarines with anaerobic propulsion. The finalists are the French Naval Group with the Scorpene submarine, the Russian Rubin with the Amur 1650, the German TKMS with the Type 214, the Spanish Navantia with the S80 and the South Korean DSME with the KS-III. The two selected shipyards are Mazagon Docks Ltd (MDL), which has already manufactured the first 2 Scorpene submarines of the P75 program, and L&T shipyards. The Swedish group Kockums, a subsidiary of Saab, presented its A26 model, while the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries presented the Soryu class, but the two companies left the competition.

With the withdrawal of the Swedish A26, and according to many observers, the competition will mainly see oppose the models of Naval Group and Rubin design offices. The French group benefits from the industrial tool already operational to build the Scorpene of the P75 program, making it possible to reduce production costs, even if the propulsion will be based this time on an anaerobic system. In addition, maintenance and crew training will be optimized with the 6 Kalvari in service. Russia, India's main defense equipment partner, is working hard to attempt to propose a co-development specific to New Delhi. But this offer will be handicapped by the setbacks encountered by the Lada class whose AIP propulsion seems to be abandoned for the time being, and which encountered many development difficulties, leading the Russian Navy to favor the order of Program 636.3 Improved Kilo submarines to strengthen the Pacific and Black Sea fleets, and that'a new order is likely to be placed for the Baltic Sea fleet.

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The Kalvari class represents a decisive step forward for the capabilities of the Indian Navy
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