The DGA notifies the order of 54 Griffons MEPAC equipped with 120mm 2M2R mortars

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In one press release published on January 24, the GME Scorpion - Momentary Group of Companies made up of Nexter, Arquus and Thales - declared that the DGA had notified them on December 30, 2019 of a new endorsement to the contract of the SCORPION program. This endorsement relates to the order expected since last summer of 54 Griffon multi-role armored vehicles equipped to carry a 120mm striped mortar in their hold. The addendum thus makes it possible to meet the target of 1872 SCORPION vehicles provided for in the current military programming law.

This new variant of the Griffon is designated MEPAC, for Embedded Mortar For Contact Support, the mortar in question being the 2R2M from Thales. A real international success, and already proven in combat, this new generation mortar is designed to be carried on board motor vehicles. It thus equips Saudi Arabia, aboard M113 vehicles, Italy aboard 8 × 8 Freccia, Malaysia on tracked vehicles and 8 × 8 co-designed with Turkey, or the Sultanate of Oman. on a VAB basis. A version derived from the 2R2M, the Dragon Fire, also equips the USMC aboard LAV-25, or towed by Humvee. In preparation for the Griffon MEPAC contract, the Army also tested the MEPAC aboard a 6 × 6 VAB modified for the circumstances.

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A 6 × 6 VAB has been specially modified to allow the on-board 2M2R to be tested under operational conditions. If some VAB 4 × 4 had been delivered with an 81mm mortar, the Army now only operates towed mortars.

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