Tu-160M2 marks renewal of Russian strategic bombing

In a few days, the news was particularly rich on the question of Russian bombers, announcing the renewal of the strategic forces of the Russian Air Force in the decades to come. Indeed, after the first flight of the Tu-160M2 prototype supersonic on February 2, followed by the announcement of an order for 10 production units, the russian press indicated the next day that the Russian Ministry of Defense gave its agreement for the launch of the production of the future stealth bomber PAK-DA, whose first flight would be expected for 2027. These two very distinct programs are indeed intimately linked on the industrial level and the concomitance of the announcements seems to draw a little more precisely the outline of the future Russian strategic air forces by 2040.

Tupolev Tu 160 Naumenko 1 Analysis Defense | Strategic weapons | Strategic Bombers
The Tu-160M ​​is one of the most impressive military aircraft in the world. Capable of carrying more than 40 tonnes of weapons, it however suffers from old avionics, which the Tu-160M2 program should completely overhaul. Illustration Kirill Naumenko

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