Chinese defense industry shut down following coronavirus outbreak

Beyond the health aspects, epidemics are historically recognized for their undeniable economic impact. If the contaminations themselves put workers out of the game until they are healed (in the best of cases), the more or less generalized quarantine systems are helping even more companies to slow down or temporarily stop their activity. Today, in China, the defense sector is of course not spared from this phenomenon caused by the recent epidemic of coronavirus, the evolution of which is still, to say the least, uncertain.

La french press did not fail to report the shutdown of the Airbus assembly line - civilian - in Tianjin, near Beijing. However, this is only one case among many others, in all sectors of activity in the country: agriculture, industry, services. Earlier this week, the Global Times of China thus indicated that many defense manufacturers were implementing measures to protect their employees, even if it meant reducing activity or even temporarily closing certain sites.

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The construction of China's 3rd aircraft carrier, the first equipped with catapults, may be delayed due to the current epidemic.

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