Will the French Navy be widely equipped with a 40mm RAPIDFire gun?

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The question of medium artillery on surface ships of the French Navy has already arisen for several years, so that the general configuration of artillery pieces of future FDI frigates took a while before it was relatively frozen. Today, in addition to a few 100mm pieces arming the oldest frigates and avisos (which have become sea patrol vessels), the Navy artillery artillery of its buildings around two main parts: Leonardo's 76mm and Nexter, which is used in addition to the 20mm on the frigates and as a main part on the new patrol boats.

However, since the appearance of the first 3D views future BRF tankers, intended to replace the current Command and Supply Buildings, it seems confirmed that the French Navy is now interested in an intermediate caliber, since the first illustrations by the BRF showed them fitted with 40mm guns from the Swedish Bofors. For the past two years, however, French manufacturers Thales and Nexter have lobbied intensively in order to impose a national solution on the BRFs.

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Introduced in 2016, Thales' RAPIDSeaGuardian was a first 40mm naval gun proposal based on the CTA40, before the current RAPIDFire offered with Nexter.

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