Facing Russia, is Turkey, a NATO member, playing with fire in Syria?

The confrontation between the regular Syrian forces of Bashar Al Assad, supported by Russia, and Turkey, reached a new level earlier this week. According to a statement from the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the country's armed forces are said to have "neutralized" more than a hundred Syrian soldiers, as well as 3 tanks, 2 artillery positions and a helicopter belonging to the Syrian armed forces. This engagement was triggered in response to an attack launched Monday morning by the Syrian forces, which claimed the lives of at least 5 Turkish soldiers, and wounded as many soldiers.

Unlike the previous clashes, which mainly opposed the Syrian forces and the Islamist militias loyal to Ankara, this time it is a major engagement between two regular armies, having caused a significant number of victims on both camps. However, if for the moment Russia remains on restraint, trying not to be directly involved in these commitments, it is possible, even probable, that this will not last if the confrontation were to continue, especially since, in the At the same time, the Hmeimim airbase, where a large part of the Russian air force deployed in Syria is based, has again reportedly suffered from drone attacks.

The Su25 Frogfoot has been widely used by the Russian Air Force in Syria Defense Analyzes | Syrian conflict | Force Deployment - Reinsurance
The Hmeimim base where the Russian air forces are positioned in Syria has again suffered drone attacks in recent days

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