U.S. air ambitions unveiled in budget 2021

The Pentagon publishes every year a budget proposal serving as a basis for its strategy of means and the development of American doctrine. For the past fifteen years or so, the debates that have followed in Congress have often led to substantial changes in the planning of the Pentagon, showing the dissensions that cannot fail to arise between operational needs, political constraints and preservation imperatives. industrial fabric. In all cases, whether the decisions taken come from the military or legislators, they remain the object of compromise, since they are drawn up with a view to respecting a budget which is fixed.

This year, the budget proposal concerning the American air capacities (Airpower) for the fiscal year 2021 show a certain weakening of the Pentagon in general and of the USAF in particular vis-à-vis the industrial and political imperatives of past years , and therefore a desire to avoid a frontal battle on certain key points, such as the withdrawal of the A-10 attack aircraft. However, in view of Pentagon forecast, a lot of points will cringe as some key capabilities seem to have to be put back in the closet in order to free up money for the sacrosanct F-35 program.

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In recent years, the A-10 attack aircraft has become the symbol of the political standoff between the supporters of the “all F-35” and the defenders of a means strategy based on more specialized military equipment.

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