The less revolutionary Israeli drone dome laser device than it seems

In early January, the Israeli military authorities published on social media a video showing an anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection device based on laser energy which foreshadowed a remarkable technological leap. But the video published yesterday by Rafael concerning his system called "Drone Dome", lets perceive much less spectacular performance, and a more limited tactical use. So, would the mountain have given birth to a mouse?

The new video of the Drome Dome system shows a much more classic anti-drone laser system than the animation published in early January suggested.

The video presented yesterday by Rafael, one of the major Israeli defense companies, shows a device for the detection, tracking and engagement of light drones on board an armored vehicle, and using a laser beam to destroy its targets. It is presented as being able to take on a swarm of drones, and intended to add a fourth layer in the Israeli anti-drone, anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection system which already incorporates the Iron Dome system for short-range protection, the David Sling system for medium range, and the Arrow system for engaging ballistic missiles. It therefore appears that the Drone Dome perfectly complements Israel's multi-layered defense, in particular by being able to detect and destroy light drones that remain out of range of heavier systems, including the Iron Dome. However, these small drones can be particularly dangerous, either by transporting military loads, as in Syria, or by reporting tactical intelligence.

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