The USAF wants to develop a "generic" version of the F-16 to facilitate its export

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While its successor F-35 continues the setbacks, the F-16 continues to align commercial successes, even allowing itself to be one of the best-selling fighters in the world for the past three years, without even taking into account the contracts of modernization of existing fleets. Entered into service in 1978, the F-16 has since evolved considerably and is presented on the international market with many options of weapons, radars, helmet sights, self-protection systems and motorization in order to to meet as many operational needs as possible.

However, the large catalog of options presented by the aircraft manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, would also tend to complicate and slow down sales negotiations. It is in this context that the assistant secretary to the USAF for international affairs, Kelli Seybolt, reportedly announced to FlightGlobal that the US Air Force could soon develop a "generic" version of the F-16 in order to increase exports of this aircraft under the aegis of the Foreign Military Sales, or FMS.

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The F-16V Block 70 Viper has already convinced, new or retrofitted, Greece, Taiwan, Barheïn, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Morocco and South Korea. It should serve as the basis for the “generic” version of the USAF and allow faster sales at controlled costs.

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