DARPA is developing combat drones equipped with air-to-air missiles and ... cannons!

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We have already spoken about it several times: time for the american defense shopping list, which publishes its provisional budget for the fiscal year 2021. Beyond the armed forces themselves, requests for funding (which have yet to be approved by Congress) also concern research and development organizations such as DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

In his annual request, DARPA thus asked for approximately $ 35 million to finance research on two air armament demonstrator projects, one concerning an air-dropped drone capable of carrying air-to-air missiles and the other concerning a tactical missile on board a gun as a payload.

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Presented in 2017, the FMR had a retractable wing and allowed the firing of missiles in an autonomous way or while being always hung under the wing of the carrier plane. This project would serve as the basis for the new LongShot, showing DARPA's ambition in this area.

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