With the X-20 series, Chinese military aviation demonstrates its technological mastery

At the turn of the new millennium, the Chinese aeronautical industry was still technically in its infancy, and was mainly based on technology transfers and more or less successful copies of Western or Russian equipment. But with the first effects of the deep economic reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping and pursued by Jiang Zemin, the ambition to transform the sleeping giant into an Asian dragon reappeared, with, in particular, the beginnings of the first major military and technological reforms. It was at this time that the ambition to design a generation of aeronautics appeared that would mark the arrival of Chinese technology to the forefront of military nations. This generation, which was to be operational in 2020, is now recognized as the -20 series, and is based on 4 emblematic devices

The J-20 stealth fighter

The most impressive, and best known of the -20 Generation aircraft is the J-20 heavy stealth fighter, "J" being the particle designating combat devices, and meaning Jian, literally "Annihilator". We find the first announcements of its design in 1997, and the demonstrator made its first flight in 2011, with the ambition to compete with the best combat aircraft of the time, the American F22 raptor. For this, the J-20 takes the attributes of the "5th generation", known in China as the "4th generation", namely a large capacity to capture and merge data, the "super-cruise" to maintain a supersonic speed in level without using afterburner, and of course, stealth.

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A symbol of the performance of the Chinese aviation industry, the J-20 is a 5th generation heavy air superiority fighter

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