Dassault Aviation has reportedly completed testing of the CC-422 cannon pod intended for the modernized Mirage 2000D

Mirage 2000D DGA CC 422 Defense News | Africa | Training and attack aircraft

In July 2016, Dassault Aviation was entrusted with a major renovation program for 55 Mirage 2000D assault aircraft for the Air Force. Faced with the aging of the systems on board the Mirage 2000 and the staggering of deliveries of the new Rafale , such a program was considered essential to respect the fixed format of 250 combat aircraft in the fleet (Air Force and National Navy) at the end of the 2019-2025 LPM.

More than a simple update of the Mirages intended to make them last beyond 2030, the mid-life renovation (RMV) of the Mirage 2000D also aims to provide them with new offensive capabilities in order to compensate for the recent withdrawal of the last Mirage F1 and the upcoming one of the latest Mirage 2000C. Between a new air-to-air missile and new capabilities in air-to-ground guided weapons, the Mirage 2000D RMV should thus acquire for the first time a rudimentary but still essential capability: that of firing a cannon. However, Dassault Aviation recently announced that it had completed the integration and validation tests of this new weapon, as recalled by Laurent Lagneau of the Opex360 site .

Pod Canon 30mm Mirage 2000D Defense News | Africa | Training and attack aircraft
The Mirage 2000B were designed to be able to carry a cannon pod under the ventral point, but not under the air intake. It was therefore necessary to check that the loading and firing did not cause aerodynamic problems or uncontrollable vibrations.

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