Lockheed plans to turn to Poland to lower price of F35

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The exclusion of Turkey's F35 program, which had ordered 100 devices and ensured the manufacture of 5% of the parts, undermines the price reduction targets for lots 14 and 15 presented a few months ago as the realization of the pricing strategy of the American stealth aircraft program. As we had already discussed, the American manufacturer is struggling to find manufacturers in the United States as in the other partner countries of the program, to replace these parts of Turkish origin which are very competitive in terms of price. To achieve this, Lockheed Martin would now consider turning to Warsaw, to benefit from a lower cost price, and offset the effects of Ankara's exclusion.

This announcement is not lacking in irony. Indeed, if the Polish authorities have indeed announced order 32 F35A a few weeks ago, they had also agreed to renounce any form of industrial compensation, so as to lower the overall price, thus reduced to “only” 4,6 billion dollars. But Poland has important assets to assert in this area, beyond its great loyalty to Washington in matters of defense policy and acquisition of equipment. Indeed, with an average gross salary of 5000 zlotys, or a little less than 1200 € per month, it is also, by far, the nation offering the greatest attractiveness to represent an alternative to Turkey, and its lower average salary. at 500 € per month.

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Poland ordered, at the beginning of February 2020, 32 F35A for an amount of $ 4,6 billion, to replace the Mig-29 and Su-22 still in service in its air forces

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