French armies prepare to test their first laser weapons from the Orleans-based SME CILAS

In the ongoing battle in Idlib, Syria, Turkish forces seem to be imposing an unprecedented operational tempo and relentless operational superiority largely due to the intensive use of drones of all types and formats. Direct attack vectors, target detectors or designators for the benefit of artillery, aerial drones (UAVs) are now at the heart of land and air-land combat doctrines.

If France has understood this well, by planning to integrate more and more drones into the SCORPION combat system, it has also been able to take the measure of the threat represented by such systems implemented by regular armies or enemy armed groups. Traveling on January 31st to the headquarters of PME CILAS, French specialist in lasers, Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly recalled the strategic importance of military lasers both for the designation of targets and as defensive and offensive weapons.

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CILAS is known for its designation lasers, but also for its participation in the Laser Megajoule program essential for French nuclear deterrence. Its expertise in lasers of all powers makes it a very serious player both for tactical land lasers and for the future space lasers of the French forces (Photo by ERIC FEFERBERG / POOL / AFP)

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