While waiting for FARA, the US Army orders new UH-72 Lakota light helicopters.

Official American sources tell us today thatAirbus Helicopters USA awarded approximately $ 120 million for the construction of 15 new UH-72A Lakota aircraft, licensed version of the H145 light twin-engine helicopter. These 15 new aircraft will be added to the 412 UH-72 Lakota already produced in Colombus (Mississippi) for the needs of the US Army, which is today the main operator of the EC145 / H145 family helicopters.

Although it is reserved for utility tasks and hardly ever deployed outside American territory (with the exception of a few EVASAN exercises in Germany, in particular), the UH-72 is today at the heart of the helicopter capabilities of the 'US Army. Beyond its transport, observation and liaison missions, it is also the Army's basic training helicopter. With several major renewal programs underway, both for its maneuver helicopters and its combat helicopters, the US Army is now seeking to expand its Lakota fleet in order to strengthen the training capabilities of its forces and free up its Blackhawk transport helicopters for field operations.

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Army National Guard UH-72A. The Lakota today constitute the bulk of the National Guard's apparatus, intervening regularly in the event of natural or industrial disasters.

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