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For its new anti-tank missiles, Poland once again chooses an American supplier

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The US State Department announced that it had awarded the sale of 180 Javelin anti-tank missiles and approximately 80 firing points to Poland . In itself, this sale is not a surprise, since Poland had made a request last September for the acquisition from the Pentagon of 185 FGM-148 Javelin missiles, sixty firing stations as well as five C- tactical transport aircraft. 130H .

This new sale of American military equipment to Poland is part of the logic of rearmament and modernization of the Polish armed forces, in particular the armored and anti-tank forces, which now constitute NATO's first line of defense in the event of an attack. Russian attack from Belarus or Kaliningrad . Nevertheless, this umpteenth acquisition of American equipment outside of any competitive framework continues to increasingly annoy the chancelleries and industrialists of Western Europe.

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Estimated at around $100 million, this contract for the purchase of anti-tank missiles is only a drop in the ocean compared to the amounts envisaged for the acquisition of 32 F-35 stealth fighters for example. On a symbolic and industrial level, however, this is a real thorn in the side for the industrialist MBDA which is now marketing its MMP missile (Medium Range Missile) and would like to make it a new standard for European forces.

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The Javelins ordered by Poland should equip infantry units. The missile can nevertheless be integrated into vehicles, as here on an American Stryker.

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