Pentagon doesn't want additional Israeli Iron Dome systems

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According to the Israeli press, the Pentagon has renounced the acquisition of additional Iron Dome systems to strengthen its close protection capabilities, due to an incompatibility of the Israeli system with the anti-aircraft defense network employed by the US Army. According to General Mike Murray, commander of the Future Command of the US Army, the analyzes have shown several problems, in particular in terms of cybersecurity, and especially in terms of interoperability with the other defense systems employed, and in particular those articulating the systems. Patriot.

This announcement does not call into question the acquisition of the first two batteries announced in 2019, which are still awaited by the US Army as a backup solution pending a lasting technological solution, for protect sensitive infrastructure against shell, rocket or drone strikes, specialty of the Israeli Iron Dome. Note that this announcement does not eliminate the Iron Dome from the global call for tenders for the acquisition of a close protection system for the US Army as part of the Big 6 super program. in this case, it will be up to the manufacturer to propose solutions to guarantee the interoperability and cyber security of his system.

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The Russian Pantsir is constantly evolving. The Pantsir S3 version will see its performances extended, with missiles whose range will exceed 40 km and a radar carrying to 75 km.

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