The major European defense industries threatened by their share prices

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The conjunction of fears surrounding the Convid19 coronavirus pandemic, the unilateral and disastrous intervention of President Donald Trump to ban the United States from Europeans for 30 days, and the structural threat of corporate debt, has triggered a stock market crack today March 12, itself following a first sharp drop on March 11 following the explosion in the number of coronavirus cases in Italy and the quarantine of the country. This fall, which exceeds 12% in Paris and 10% in Frankfort and London, heavily affects the large listed companies in the European defense industry, with stock market prices sometimes halved over one year.

In France, the company most affected is the engine manufacturer Safran, with a drop of 16,85% over the period, bringing its share price over one year to -28%, but marking a drop over a month of more than 40%. %. Airbus, with a title unscrewed by 16,7% on the session, sees its course over one year almost halved, recording 47,5% of decreases. Dassault Aviation, with an 11,4% drop over the session, saw its price drop 41% over the year, while Thales, with -7,8% over the session and -28,5% over the year, limit damage.

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Despite the excellent results recorded in 2019, and particularly well filled order books, large French companies have their stock prices going down from 30 to more than 40% over a year.

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