India begins construction of 464 new T-90SK "Bhishma" heavy tanks

In 2019, the Indian authorities had signed, with Russia, the extension of the license to build T-90 battle tanks by the Indian Defense industry, with the authorization to build 464 new T-90S, referred to as "Bhishma" in India, named after the guardian god of Indian mythology. The construction of these new tanks has now started, and will allow New Delhi to equip 8 new regiments of heavy tanks intended to be positioned on the eastern border facing China.

Once the contract is executed, the Indian armed forces will have more than 2000 T-90s arming 32 armored regiments, each with 45 tanks in line, and 17 tanks in reserve. These will complement the 4 regiments equipped with the local Arjun tank, and some 32 regiments using the Ajeya heavy tank, a modernized version of the Russian T72. In total, they line up nearly 4500 heavy battle tanks and almost 70 armored regiments, making it the third largest armored army in the world.

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Bhishma represents the backbone of Indian heavy armored forces

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