Former Bundeswehr Laptop sold second-hand still contained classified informations

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The information is causing a stir across the Rhine. Computer security specialists from the company G-Data, located in the town of Bochum between Essen and Dortmund, were able to acquire on eBay a rugged laptop from the Bundeswehr, the German army. Gold, this computer still contained classified information, in this case the user documentation for the LeFlaSys Ozelot system, the only close-range anti-aircraft armor in Germany, which entered service in 2001 and is still in service today as well as with the Greek forces.

The accessible documentation does not have a high degree of confidentiality, since the user manual does not give any sensitive information about the system. This is the equivalent of a document classified as “Restricted Diffusion” by the French armies. However, the fact that the hard drive of the computer sold on eBay by the broker under contract with the Bundeswehr has not been completely erased and reformatted raises fears that other systems, this time containing much more sensitive information , have already been sold, and could therefore be in the hands of people, or states, much less well-intentioned than the security experts at G-Data.

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Entered into service in the early 2000s, the LeFlaSys Ozelot close air protection system makes it possible to protect sensitive infrastructure within a 6 km radius against aircraft, helicopters and drones.

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