KC-46 Pegasus faces new technical problems, further increasing pressure on Boeing

For Boeing, the setbacks of the KC-46 Pegasus program are more and more like an endless story. While the purchase of 179 new tankers is essential for US Air Force's long distance operations, the new aircraft has accumulated delays and additional costs for years.

While Boeing promises to increase efforts to quickly correct the most problematic technical concerns, it seems conversely that a new Category 1 problem has appeared recently. Indeed, the USAF would have continued to report serious fuel leaks requiring to pass this technical problem to the rank of critical technical faults. Category 1, in fact, means that the faults detected compromise flight safety and the success of the mission.

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KC-46 near Boeing factories in the Seattle area. For the moment, the production of Boeing airliners is stopped, including their military derivatives like the KC-46.

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