The crew of the aircraft carrier USS T. Roosevelt could be disembarked to fight the epidemic of Covid19

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Last week, we learned that the American aircraft carrier USS Théodore Roosevelt had been en route to Guam naval base following an increase in Covid19 coronavirus cases on board. It was then a question of disembarking the thirty infected personnel and testing the approximately 4000 other crew members in order to be able to return to carry out their mission. The Roosevelt is in fact one of two US Navy aircraft carriers deployed in the Western Pacific, alongside the USS Ronald Reagan, to face possible Chinese, North Korean or Russian actions. The American Navy then assured that the aircraft carrier remained operational and could return to sea at very short notice if the operational situation required it.

This is no longer the case. In an article dated March 31, the San Francisco Chronicle revealed the existence ofa letter sent by Captain Brett Crozier, commanding the USS Theodore Roosevelt, to the American naval authorities, requesting that his crew be put ashore to put a stop to the epidemic which is already affecting more than 100 sailors, raising fears, according to him, for the lives of certain personnel of the edge. In an interview given to CNN, the acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly confirmed that this procedure would be implemented, and that 90% of the Roosevelt staff would be brought as soon as possible to shore in Guam, to be tested and, if necessary, taken care of by the health services, while the remaining 10% will be responsible for fully sterilize the building, which still has more than 3000 compartments. This statement was followed by a second statement from Mark Esper on CBS, saying exactly the opposite. But it seems that, in any case, the US Navy has little choice in this matter, especially since it is causing a lot of noise in the American media. The task therefore promises to be colossal and unprecedented in the history of the American Navy, especially since the ship is stationed more than 9000 km from San Diego, its home port.

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With around ten F35Bs on board, the USS America can support the Ronald Reagan in the western Pacific zone by assuming the function of light aircraft carrier

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