The Gripen E testing program is on schedule, while production of the Gripen F began

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Last February, we had devoted an important file to the Gripen E / F, the last variant of the JAS-39 Gripen developed by the Swedish Saab at the very end of the Cold War. For Saab, the stakes of the Gripen E / F were high: in a light fighter airframe that has already proved its worth, the Swedish aircraft manufacturer wishes to integrate the latest technological advances in air combat. Very long range missiles, discrete data links, AESA radars, optronic ball and electronic warfare system: nothing was left to chance.

Unfortunately, following several commercial setbacks, including the cancellation of the Swiss order in 2014, the Gripen E / F program was several years behind schedule, and the aircraft is now only sold in Brazil and Sweden. , although Saab has high hopes for the Finnish and Canadian market. Today, however, the development program for the new Gripen finally seems to be on solid track. Indeed, while the Gripen E test program is progressing at a good speed, Saab announced that the first sheet metal cutting of the two-seater Gripen F had just taken place. While waiting for news from Finland and Canada, it therefore seems that the Gripen E / F program is continuing (finally!) As planned.

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The old variants of the Gripen, the JAS-39 A / B and C / D have already been exported to Hungary, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Thailand. Faced with new competitors, such as the Rafale or the F-16V, the Gripen E / F is struggling to establish itself on the international market.

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